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    Please Help Joel!!

    Joel was involved is a tragic swimming pool accident on Sunday. Please help in anyway possible a go fund me page is connected to Kare11.

    BOYS AAA TRYOUTS for 2020 Season

    2005 Aug 25th 4:00pm or 5:15pm RCC
    2006 Aug 22nd 7:30pm or 8:45pm RCC
    2007 Aug 21st 5:00pm, 6:15pm or 7:30pm RCC
    2008 Aug 20th 7:30pm or 8:45pm RCC
    2009 Aug 22nd 5:00pm or 6:15pm RCC
    2010 Aug 20th 5pm or 6:15pm RCC
    2011 Aug 27th 5:00pm or 6:15pm RCC
    2012 Aug 25th 8pm Pond

    GIRLS AAA TRYOUTS for 2020 Season

    Team Date Time Location
    16U Girls ('03-'04 birth years) Weds Aug 21st 8:45pm RCC
    14U Girls ('05-'06 birth years) Tues Aug 27 7:30 or 8:45pm RCC
    12U Girls ('07 - '08 birth years) Weds Aug 28th 7:30pm or 8:45pm RCC
    10U Girls ('09 - '10 birth years) Weds Aug 28th 5:00pm 0r 6:15pm RCC
    8U Girls ('11-12 birth years) TBD (Late Fall) Please Register Your Skater We will be in Contact

    Troy Campbell

    Boys Director

    Phone: 651-208-5607

    Chris Kalata

    Website and Registrations

    Phone: 651-276-0351


    Jeff Tuccitto

    Girls Director

    Phone: 612-685-8425

    Lisa Toll

    Communications/Team Coordinator/Apparel

    Phone: 612-280-7208

    Tommy Chicagos players have great success!

    3- Full-ride scholarships before even playing one game of HS Hockey

    6- Players drafted into the USHL 

    11- Players invites to play in the 2020 HS Elite League.