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    2025 Tommy Chicago Hockey Tryouts

    August 20th - August 28th

    Rosemount Community Center 

    (Click On Link for more information and Registration)

    2025 Tommy Chicago Hockey Tryouts

    (CLICK HERE) August 20th-August 28th Rosemount Community Center

    3x3 Portion of AAA Teams Starts June 2

    Our 3x3 is starts June 2nd and your 7 games are a part of your registered hours for all Boys and Girls AAA Teams (except U16 Boys, 8U Girls and 16U Girls).  If you missed the email announcement sent out May 16th, you can view it below for some general information.

    To find our 3x3 Page with Teams, Rosters and Schedules, click the banner bar button at the top of our homepage

    Boys-Girls 3x3

    Troy Campbell

    Boys Director

    Phone: 651-208-5607

    Jeff Tuccitto

    Girls Director

    Phone: 612-685-8425

    Chris Kalata

    Website, Communication and Registrations

    Phone: 651-276-0351

    Tommy Chicagos players have great success!

    3- Full-ride scholarships before even playing one game of HS Hockey

    6- Players drafted into the USHL 

    11- Players invites to play in the 2020 HS Elite League.